6 Steps to Start and Crush the 28 Day Diet diet!

Here are the six non-negotiable steps you need to start the 28-day diet and guarantee you achieve your goal weight:

Step 1: Define what you want to achieve.

Step 2: Anchor your reason for wanting to achieve it.

Step 3: Get a copy of the Utility Guide.

Step 4: Focus on small wins.

Step 5: Make sure your daily actions can be repeated.

Step 6: Remind yourself every day of steps 1 & 2.

Now, let’s quickly break down the first three steps and discuss why success on the 28-day diet is more than just following a plan.

Imagine the 28-day diet is a shiny new car you just purchased. The thrill of being able to simply get in and drive is elating, and you are happy because you are now one step above walking. However, pretty soon, you realize you don’t know where you are going and are just aimlessly driving around, which has you end up right back at home, having wasted time and money on fuel.

Now, imagine you knew where you wanted to go. Would you drive around in circles? No! You would go directly to your destination. It would take you less time and less fuel. This is what defining what you want gives you.

Now, imagine you have to go to the shop, and it closes soon. How will you drive, faster or slower? Faster, right! Now, what if what you need from the shop is non-negotiable, and you cannot afford not to get it because it would mean your kids go hungry, for example, or you can’t get the specific item to clean a stain from your work clothes. Would it affect your trip? OF COURSE, it would. Not only would you drive faster, but when you left your house, you would have one thought going through your head: I cannot return home empty-handed! This is what anchoring your reason gives you: determination!

Okay, now let’s say you had an up-to-date map of the town. You would know where all the shops in the town are. Not only that, you would also know the fastest route to each one. Imagine knowing which roads are prone to traffic jams, or have a lot of accidents, or have speed cameras. How would this knowledge affect your driving experience? One word: smooth! This is what the Utility Guide gives you.

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