*If you eat food, you are on a diet.

Welcome to Eetplan Idees. We make weight loss easy.

Our mission is to find the most reliable scientific and practical knowledge about health, make it inspiring and easy to use; and make it accessible and free to everyone.

We focus on making The 28 Day Diet simple for people who can benefit from it and who want to try it.

What do we do?

Our long-term goal is to empower people everywhere to dramatically improve their health. Because if your body is healthy, weight loss is the natural byproduct that follows.

There is a lot of free information available on the internet, but it’s hard to trust.
Individuals often try to pretend to be an expert in the field of weight loss.

In the process, they try to sell you a specific product, a diet pill, slimming tea or coffee, which you should use with the diet anyway. (News flash: It’s actually the diet that makes weight loss happen and not the useless gimmicks.)

Real long-term health cannot easily be found in a pill. To achieve this, you need to have a trusted partner behind you to reach your goals.



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Our Determination

How we do it?

In an industry known for controversy, Eetplan Ideas seeks to maintain our integrity at all times by prioritizing the experience of end users like you.

We provide value by:
The webpage with a library of information that helps you promote your health and lose weight.

The support members enjoy in our Facebook group.

The translation of the core elements of the plan into a separate, dedicated web page for our English users.

The compilation of publications, both physical and electronic, for users who need an extra boost.

The distribution of information, tips and downloadable resources in our email newsletter.

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Our Thankfulness

Is everything free?

We do everything in our power to provide the resources available on our website for free.

Unfortunately, there are costs involved in running our various platforms. It also costs a tremendous amount of work to create our recipes, ebooks, articles and more.

So it’s not possible to give everything away for free – otherwise we won’t be able to keep the site up and running.



To create an accessible and friendly environment where no person based on his / her opinions, values ​​or background of the diet is withheld.


Om ten alle tye eerlik en opreg te wees in ‘n industrie wat bekend is vir sy omstredenheid.


To ensure that all information we share is from researched sources and to release only the highest quality products.

Become Involved

Make use of the free resources

Everything we designed is for the comfort and convenience of any person who wants to be more healthy and lose weight. You can help by using our free resources.

Read the articles, be part of the Facebook group and web page membership; or join the email newsletter.

Tell your friends

Share our articles, Facebook posts and blogs with your friends so they too can benefit.

Report any unlawful activities

No one has the right to distribute Eetplan Ideas products or to use our logo, products or publications commercially. Report any wrongful use to ensure the integrity and survival of the plan.

Consider a paid resource

Eetplan Ideas is a non-governmental organization, which means that we receive no funds or subsidies from the government or any other party.

Paid resources are the primary way we raise funds to keep this initiative going.

You can also spoil a friend or family member with one of our products. We deliver throughout South Africa and have electronic resources available to those who follow the plan from outside South Africa.