Portions in Grams or Millilitres: Does it Matter?

How much should I eat?    |    How is it measured?    |    Are millilires and grams the same?    |    Summary

The fundamental way to set up your body to burn fat is to create a calorie deficit: You eat less food than your body is used to consuming for daily functioning. This way you force your body to obtain the necessary energy by burning fat reserves. (Hello, weight loss.)

How much should I eat?

Almost nothing needs weighing (except your gorgeous new body) on The 28 Day Diet. The golden rule when it comes to portions for both men and women is, “Always Your Bowl Full”.

Each meal (the whole meal, cooked / completed) must fit into a bowl whose size depends on your gender.

Remember that your bowl size is determined by volume (how much space is available inside the bowl) and not mass (how much the bowl weighs).

How is it measured?

Instructions from the Beginners Guide:

1. Measure the prescribed amount of fluid (based on the different gender guidelines) in a measuring cup.

2. Fill a bowl with the liquid. You can dish your bowl full of food, up to the edge where the liquid has stopped.

Alternatively, you can also purchase a 450ml (or whatever size you need) container to eliminate the measuring process, such as this container for women or this one for men.

These containers also have removable dividers and they are BPA free, dishwasher safe and microwave friendly.

Are millilitres and grams not the same?

A quick Google search can easily mislead you in your search for the answer to this question. The short answer is no. So why does Google say yes?

The assumption that 450ml equals 450g applies only to water and not to food, as different foods have different densities. Keep in mind that 250ml flour weighs only 120g and not 250g.

What does it mean?

  • Weight and volume are not the same.
  • Weight refers to how light or heavy something weighs, and is typically measured in grams or kilograms.
  • Volume refers to the amount of space an object occupies, and is typically measured in millilitres or litres.

Consider this example:

A bowling ball and a basketball have about the same volume (take up the same space) but the bowling ball has a bigger weight (weighs heavier) than the basketball.


On this plan we use volume, meaning millilitres and not grams. If you are going to eat according to weight, your portions may be too little / too much and this will affect your weight loss and overall well-being.

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    1. Hi Nicky,
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