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  1. Marise

    What is the portion size of cereal?

    1. Admin

      Please see the different portions for cereal in this article.

  2. Riekie

    Is sardines and pilchards allowed?
    And is there a time limit between meals?

    1. Admin

      Hi Riekie
      Yes you can have sardines.
      Five hours is recommended between meals. You can read more here.

    2. Caroline

      Thanks for the pjan

  3. Megan

    Unfortunately cannot get dried fruit so the alternative is the steamed apples.
    What is an alternative to steamed apples?

    1. Admin

      Hi Megan.
      Unfortunately there are no substitutes for the substitutes.

    2. Tahlitia

      I also couldn’t get it down.
      So I smoothie my dried fruit bag with lots of water
      (Soaking the fruit in water first helps)

      Separate into smoothie bottles (portion sized according to diet)
      Freeze and use as needed.

      Take out the smoothie to defrost over night and enjoy the next day.

      It’s YUMMY!
      If you need to to I also save 3 or 4 fruits (take out of your portion size before making smoothie) to snack on with the smoothie. Chewing just helps with feeling full

  4. Irene Swanepoel

    Hello there
    How can I get the recipe book

    1. Admin

      The recipe book is only available in Afrikaans and you can order it by clicking here.

  5. Estelle Du Plessis

    I want to start this diet with my sister.
    Could I please get some information?

  6. Estelle Du Plessis

    Can I please get some more information on this diet?

    1. Admin

      Hi Estelle, you can read more about the plan here or see if this plan is for you here.
      If you would like the information in Afrikaans please see our Afrikaans site at

  7. Sue

    Just completed a single 28 day cycle. Lost a total of 7 kg. Started a second cycle and working towards similar results at the end of this cycle. It really helps to follow the diet as closely as possible. I do not like dried fruit, so I ate steamed apples. I enjoyed all the other menu items as-is. Never before has simple food tasted so good. This is the first time in my life where I am able to cook a fancy meal for my family and comfortably have my diet menu items for that meal. No sugar or junk food cravings. I do not feel like snacking. This is also the first time, since trying for the past 4 years, that I have been able to complete a full 28 day cycle. So proud, so motivated.

    1. Admin

      That is great to hear, Sue! Well done 😀

    2. Sue

      I have been on this journey for 6 months. I lost 17 kg over 4 months and I feel wonderful. I have however been on a plateau for 8 weeks even though I am still faithfully following the diet. Has my body gotten used to the portion sizes/calories? What can I do to Kickstart my journey again. This diet is wonderful, I feel light and energetic but my journey to good health is not over, please advise.

  8. Savannah

    Does my potato have to be plain?

    1. Admin

      Not at all. You can make it interesting and tasty. Please see the Beginners Guide for the full guidelines on what is allowed when making your meals.

  9. Leonie

    Hi there. I am completely new to this diet and might sound silly. Is there a day to day meal plan one can follow? Any help would be highly appreciated

    1. Admin

      Hi Leonie, no silly questions 🙂 We have day to day meal plan with recipes available in The 7 Day Challenge. Please click HERE for the English version or HERE for Afrikaans.

  10. Nikki

    I’m on my second round through. I always struggle with what to make on the 1 veg dinners. Any advice?


    hi there, i am going to start the meal plan in the next week. is there anyway i can get a copy of the above information whereby all information regarding the foods, of what can and cannot be eaten. Also what do you mean by dried fruit? i have tried to print but not able to.
    please advise

    1. Admin

      Hi Michelle, the full plan with guidelines, portions, tips and lists is available in the Beginners Guide and the Toolbox.

  12. nellie

    how do I weigh oats,vegies
    what do you mean by your own bowl…how many grams would this be

    1. Admin

      You can read how to measure your bowl by clicking HERE. For the full guidelines of the plan please get your copy of the Beginners Guide, available in Afrikaans or English by ordering HERE.


    what is meant by dried fruit. are these the safari packets of fruit?

  14. Madeleine

    About to start this diet…super excited and motivated…I will report back in 28 days!

  15. Monica and Houten

    Start my weigh control

  16. Laura Swartz

    Good day, I was so inspired by my crochet teacher Nanet, as she has lost 5 kg and is on R2, day 13. I am starting with Ilse also in the crochet class. It is so wonderful to have the support all around me! I will keep you informed of my progress. Here goes. Started on Monday 10th. Weighed myself 81.2Kg.

    1. Nozi

      I started my diet two weeks ago today I am on day 13 and I’m so excited already lost 5,5 kg
      Looking forward to new me 💃💃💃

  17. Jenny

    Would like to order the book in English please. How do I go about doing that ?

    1. Admin

      Hi Jenifer, we have moved our shop to Please click HERE to go to the shop. You can click on the book and select your language to proceed with your purchase.

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