What if we show you how delicious The 28 Day Diet can taste?

How would being able to complete a round make you feel?

Here's what you need

Eat & Enjoy Recipe Book

Only available in hard copy

The contents in this recipe book have helped thousands of individuals, just like yourself, transform the meals on The 28 Day Diet into delicious meals that you can look forward to.

Make meal preparation easy, effortless and fast.

200 tasty recipes to spice up your diet menu – with simple methods and inexpensive ingredients. Eating healthy has never been so easy!

How the Recipe Book Works

Step 1: Preparation

Create your shopping list

Now that you have access to 200 delicious recipes, you can plan 1 day, 1 week or even 1 month in advance. Save money by using ingredients you already have but did not know you could use. Or build your own shopping list, it’s your choice.

Step 2: Relax

Make your meals

Once your planning is done, you can relax and not worry about what to prepare, how to prepare it and whether you may eat it. You have enough things that take up your time, and constantly thinking about what you need to eat does not have to be one of them.

Step 3: Enjoy

See your results

The 28 Day Diet has 5 mini milestones (weighing days) and one important one at the end. With each one you can celebrate that you have achieved something that so many other people are struggling to achieve. And if you come to the end of the round and see the progress you have made, you can say to yourself, “I like what I see. Next round, here I come!”

Does the book offer more?

More than just recipes

The 28 Day Diet

Eat & Enjoy also contains The 28 Day Diet with basic guidelines so you can always refer back if needed.

List of Seasonings

The recipe book also contains a list of permissible spices, herbs and sauces, with tips on how to use them so you can flavor your meals to your liking.

Meal Preparation

The 28 Day Diet Recipe Book also has a special chapter on meal preparation with techniques and information specific to this plan.

Added bonuses

Colour Coded

Meal categories are color coded for easy reference. Each page is numbered and also displays the days on which each recipe can be eaten.

Additions & Concessions

The various concessions and additions with regards to Ingredients are identified and explained.


Portions for men and women are also included with additional examples on how to apply it.

Get even more value

The Super Combo

If you prefer an holistic approach to weight loss and really want to make this plan part of your lifestyle, then the Super Combo is a MUST!

SAVE with free delivery when you order this package. It contains:

  • The 28 Day Diet
    Beginner’s Guide
  • Eat & Enjoy Recipe Book
  • A3 Fridge Chart
  • Keychain set

What do our customers say?


How long does delivery take?

Courier delivery is available and takes about 4 days.

How can I receive free delivery?

If you order the Super Combo on its own, you will automatically receive free delivery.

Can I receive it at my postal address?

Our couriers deliver to your door, whether you have it delivered to your home, work, neighbor or family member’s home.

Can I deposit at the bank?

Select the EFT option to receive our banking details. We prefer electronic or ATM deposits.

Do you deliver outside of SA?

Delivery is currently only available in SA.

Is it a physical book?

Eat & Enjoy is a physically printed book in full colour and professionally bound.

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