Where can you find information on the 28 Day Diet?

Consider the following scenario:

You receive the diet from a colleague, sent to you by email. You’re struggling to open it – the file is so large. Finally you get it open and it’s so much reading! Everything is new and nothing makes sense.

After a while you read the basics. You finally get to the menu, so you’re ready to go.

Day 1 follows: Cereal and milk, it’s easy. Weetbix and milk – ready! You are through the first meal. Next on the menu is chicken and one vegetable.

Uhm .. a steamed chicken breast is safe. One vegetable… what does it mean? A potato? A whole pumpkin? No, wait – maybe some corn. Or maybe …
It’s too hard. You give up!

Does that sound familiar? If you are one of the lucky ones who gets your information directly from Eetplan Idees, congratulations! Unfortunately, the above scenario is the reality for many other people.

Why we exist

Eetplan Idees exist so that the above scenario does not have to happen at everyone.

We make The 28 Day Diet easy and accessible for everyone and we do this mainly in two ways:

1. The website

This website is the number one weapon in your arsenal. Bookmark the page right away so you can always refer back to this if you get stuck with the plan.

Since 2017, this website has been rebuilt many times, and in between regularly updated and upgraded to offer the most value.

2. The resources

For those who need even more help than can be found on the website, we have an optional range of resources available.

Every resource is designed, carefully developed and released by ourselves; so if you own an Eetplan Idees product, you own a unique product that can not be found anywhere else.

The best manual

For a very long time, the diet was only available in PDF format. Although many members have achieved great success with the PDF, and still do, we have received hundreds of emails requesting the release of the plan in a physical book.

Not everyone is technologically oriented.

Not everyone has access to computers or devices that can open / read PDF documents successfully.

Not everyone has access to printers to print the PDF for themselves, and the cost of having the document printed locally is incredibly expensive – with an average of between R7.50 and R10 per color page multiplied by 64 color pages is quite a nice amount!

The 28 Day Diet Beginners Guide is therefore the compilation of the plan in a physical booklet, printed in full color and professionally bound.

It contains the plan, shopping list, day planner, weight loss card, guidelines for maintaining goal weight as well as recipes.

Empower yourself

Unfortunately, there are people who use the success of The 28 Day Diet to exploit other people, some of them operate under the pretext that they represent Eetplan Idees.

It is therefore important to protect yourself from these types of opportunists.

Even those with good intentions who present themselves as helpful, it does not guarantee that you will receive quality help and correct information.

So how do you empower yourself?

Search for the logo

All Eetplan Idees resources, publications and marketing materials are accompanied by the official logo with the purple square.

Know the channels

Eetplan Idees only uses our official platforms to disseminate information, namely this web page, our Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram and the email address associated with the web page.

  • You will never be approached by a person in his / her personal capacity.
  • You’ll never be contacted by Gmail or anyone’s personal email address.
  • You will never have to make a payment in a personal bank account.

All payments to us are deposited directly into our FNB business check account, or handled by our online payment processors.

Service provision

One of the main benefits of using a trusted provider is that you can rest assured that you are entering into a secure transaction.

You enjoy after-sales service and are part of an institution whose sincere intention is to create value and who truly cares about your success.

Eetplan Idees is constantly updating the plan, the website and the resources to ensure members enjoy access to the best information.

If you know of anyone who has illegally used or distributed Eetplan Idees material, or if you have been a victim of such a transaction, please report such behavior here.

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