You have done all the hard work by successfully following The 28 Day Diet or any other weight loss program and you are so impressed with your new body. You are healthier, more energised and look better than you ever did before.
Now, it is time to maintain your ideal body weight by following the right steps to ensure that you don’t undo your hard work.

Grocery Shopping

When going out to stock up on groceries, or even when ordering them online, have a list and stick to it. Make your list at home if you are visiting a physical store (don’t forget it!) and don’t add to it while you are there. It will keep you from purchasing food items that you shouldn’t and keep you from overspending.

Here are some more tips for making better choices at the grocery store:


We live in a super-sized world. Our portions are twice if not three times the amount they should be. We believe that anyone can eat well and not feel deprived if they just eat the right foods in the right portions.

Remember the following when eating out:

At home

Just like in restaurants, our portions are way too big at home as well. Remember your portion sizes when you were shedding the pounds, and beware of returning to oversized portions once again.


Sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but this is really a no-brainer. The studies go back and forth about red wine, but for the most part you need to skip the alcoholic beverages. Not only does it slow your metabolism by changing the rate at which your body burns calories, it also puts you in a position to make poor food choices. Alcohol demotivates you and kills workouts!

Many studies show that 1 glass of red wine can have heart healthy benefits. However, it’s better to improve your heart through better eating and exercise than banking your heart health on a glass of wine.

Happy Hour can kill your diet…really!

405 kilojoules

330 kilojoules

866 kilojoules

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372 kilojoules


While The 28 Day Diet is one of the most efficient weight loss programs to lose weight and reach a healthy goal weight, it is imperative to incorporate some of the new eating habits you have learned into your new, healthy life.

After all, the reason we are overweight in the first place is mainly due to bad food choices.

The good news is that you can still eat real, wholesome and great tasting food – not only while you are losing the weight but also when maintaining. The recipes in Eat & Enjoy are so tasty that you can use them even after you have completed the plan.

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