Reclaiming the word “Diet”

Everyone has experienced the following. You are disappointed in how far you have let your health and physical appearance go. You scrape together the self-discipline to make a positive change in your life, but once you utter the word “diet” in social circles, you are immediately crucified and your choice frowned upon.

Why does the word “diet” have such a bad connotation? Why are we ashamed to use this word? Why are our choices made fun of and our efforts badmouthed?

The word “diet” is defined as the type of food that a person, animal or community habitually consumes.

From this definition we can deduce that, by way of speaking, each person is on a diet.

All that the word “diet” does is to refer to what, how, and how often you eat. There is absolutely nothing negative about this, yet this word leaves a bad taste in some people’s mouths.


This negativity can be prescribed to 3 things:

Controversial industry

Unfortunately, due to the great demand for healthy, sustainable weight loss plans, there are people and organisations who exploit this need by selling diet products with false promises (“Eat as you please and lose weight with these magic drops!”) and/ or products that are physically dangerous ( “One injection per day makes the fat melt away! ”).

Fear of Public Failure

When people hear that you are on a diet, there is an immediate expectation of quick, overnight weight loss. And if the results don’t show up fast enough, your perceived failure becomes a public one.

Fat Connotation

The word “diet” is unintentionally linked to weight loss, which then incorrectly implies that you are overweight or fat. People completely forget about the health aspect and the role of various medical conditions such as insulin resistance, underactive thyroid, hormonal imbalances and many more.

Because of this negativity, there are even some experts who believe that the word “diet” should be completely banned, or that we should no longer use it in conversations. We say, “NO!”

  • You are NOT going to feel ashamed because you value your health and appearance enough to make a significant change to your eating habits.
  • You will NOT feel bad about choosing a diet program or eating plan to make these changes.
  • You will NOT be ashamed of the fact that you will not overload yourself with processed sugar, carbohydrates, takeaways and junk food.
  • You will NOT allow other people’s opinions about your choices affect you at all.
  • You are NOT going to defend yourself or your choices to please others or make them feel better.

The 28 Day Diet is just a controlled, pre-planned meal plan that adjusts your eating habits in such a way that you get optimal weight loss results in a healthy, sustainable way.

Sometimes it’s not even about weight loss. For some people, The 28 Day Diet literally saves their lives because it helps them live healthier. Some people find that the dosages of their cholesterol, high blood pressure and / or diabetes medication is greatly reduced – or even completely removed – after successful completion of the diet.

Herewith, we are reclaiming the word “diet”! We will no longer hesitate to use this word. We will no longer be ashamed to use it in conversations. We will not invent euphemisms and synonyms to replace the word “diet”. And we are definitely not going to judge or isolate anyone because they are on a “diet”!

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