The 28 Day Diet Recipe Book: Eat & Enjoy – 200 Recipes


200 Mouthwatering recipes to make every meal on The 28 Day Diet delicious.


Why we love it

Eat & Enjoy Recipe Book specifically focuses on making your 28 Day Diet journey easier. We share super simple recipes across different categories of plan – plus tips to help you with the general rules of meal preparation on the diet.

We have kept the recipes, cooking techniques and tips as simple as possible to offer you the best support, whether you are a top chef or a beginner in the kitchen.


Why you will love it

  • Portion control
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Tasty dishes
  • Cheap ingredients
  • Simple recipes
  • Meals ready in minutes


The highlights

Whether you are starting out for the first time or you are already an experienced user of The 28 Day Diet, we help you move forward towards your best self.

Finally an ENGLISH edition of Eat & Enjoy Recipe Book, with 200 recipes to make your diet journey so much easier, more interesting and more tasty!

  • Each recipe is categorized according to the different meals on the plan, e.g. Chicken & Vegetables etc.
  • Most recipes can be completed in 30 minutes or less, and do not use complicated methods or equipment.
  • Refer to this recipe book regularly as a source of inspiration, advice, guidelines and – most of all – delicious meals.


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