28 Day Diet BOOTCAMP

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the Bootcamp starts on 29 July 2024, but we will open a little earlier so that everyone can do their shopping ahead of time.✨📝

💪 We are going to move through the plan together as a group so that we can motivate each other and complete a whole round together.

💪 We will provide the complete plan with recipes. And extras to keep everyone on the bus.

💪 We will specifically focus on an approach that addresses motivation.💯

So, book your place now for a New You in 2024!

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Over the next four weeks, we will carefully and systematically guide you through a process designed to improve your determination and significantly change your physical appearance, so you can see the transformation for yourself.

You will notice:

  • Your energy levels go up, giving you an instant motivational boost to reassure yourself that change is possible and that it is possible for you, making it that much more meaningful and effective to keep going.
  • Your blood pressure and other vital signs begin to drop. This fires up your metabolism and gives you the initial rapid weight loss to kick-start continued fat burning.
  • You are freed from a worry that has begun to dominate your life. This clears mental space for you to pursue growth in other areas of your life that can also lead to significant personal development and fulfillment.
  • Increased self-confidence and body image. As you see and feel the changes in your body, your confidence grows. This positive shift in how you see yourself can lead to healthier lifestyle choices and behaviors, further supporting your weight loss journey and overall wellness.

The next BOAT CAMP kicks off on 29 Jul 2024.

So, we invite you to be part of the “Bootcamp”: Beginner or veteran – everyone is welcome!

See you there!


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