The 28 Day Diet

Lose weight with 3 meals per
day for 28 days.
No Diet Pills, No Exercise!



Your Starting Point

The Beginners Guide is the starting point of your 28 Day Diet. This is The 28 Day Diet. In this guide you will find the complete diet as well as guidelines to make sure you follow the diet correctly.

We have also included some extra resources (e.g. shopping list and weight card) to help you on your journey. If you want to follow The 28 Day Diet you definitely need this book.

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Your Recipe Book

Because The 28 Day Diet contains a fixed menu, your 3 meals a day should be extra special.

Members tend to run out of meal ideas very quickly, and it can be very time consuming and difficult to constantly come up with new ideas, which can lead to you becoming demotivated.

When your food is delicious you forget that you are on a diet!

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Your Choice

If you are someone who prefers an app over physical books, then The 28 Day Diet Recipe app is just for you.

This app contains 100 recipes selected from the physical recipe book. As a bonus, you can also select recipe favorites and view the plan.

Available for both Android and iOS devices.

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Your Ease

These products are what our members order the most. It covers everything you need on The 28 Day Eating Plan in one convenient package.

Combo includes:
The Beginners Guide (The 28 Day Diet).
Eat & Enjoy (Recipe Book)
The A3 Fridge Card (Visual progress)
The 28 Day Key Cards (Travel Reference)

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