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Unlike with other diets, you do not need to eat bland, steamed foods on this diet. You may use salt, pepper, spices, fresh / dried herbs and certain sauces to
enhance your meals.

Boiled, tasteless vegetables are not enticing to anyone. Having steamed cauliflower as one vegetable may not be that appealing to everyone.

That’s why we put together a recipe book with 200 recipes to get you started with tasty, unique dishes. A diet should never feel like punishment.

It is important to remember that NO items may be left out or replaced on the plan unless there is a valid medical reason.
Also, do not swap out or skip meals.


  • All fresh or dried spices and herbs, e.g. garlic, chives, mint, etc.
  • Cooking spray (Spray & Cook, any flavour)
  • Lemon juice, Balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce & Tabasco sauce


  • Oil, fat, butter, spreads
  • Thickeners, powders, flour
  • Sugar, syrup, honey


  • A quarter onion may be added to any meal containing vegetables, eg: If you choose green beans as 1 vegetable, you may add a quarter onion.
  • 3-4 Mushrooms as well as a ¼ green pepper may be added ONLY to tomato and onion relish, as follows:
    • Day 2 (2 Eggs & Tomato / Onion)
    • Day 4, 13, & 24 (Pasta & Tomato / Onion)
    • You can eat the tomato and onions raw instead of making a relish.


  • Fruit provides the body with natural sugars.
  • Processed sugar is highly unhealthy and is not allowed on the plan.
  • Sweetener is not recommended, but remains a personal choice.


How much should you eat?
You can fill your whole bowl, but you may adjust portions according to the
recommended guidelines:

  • FutureLife Smart Food: 4-5 Heaped tablespoons
  • Weetbix / Nutrific: 2-3 Blocks
  • Oats: ½ – ¾ Cup (raw)
  • Cereal (All Bran, Corn Flakes, etc.): ¾ – 1 Cup

What are you allowed to eat?

  • Allowed: FutureLife, Weetbix, Corn Flakes, All Bran Flakes, All Bran High Fiber, Jungle Oats, Nutrific, Special K, Rice Crispies Pronutro
  • Forbidden: Muesli, maize meal, cereal with fruit, chocolate/sugar coating, as well as any cereal not mentioned above.

What can you eat it with?

  • Cereal can be made with milk and / or water.
  • Use enough to cover your cereal (about 125ml milk).


How much should you eat?

  • Women eat according to the amounts indicated on the plan.
  • Men and children eat double portions.

How can you eat it?

Omelette Boiled Scrambled Fried

Dried Fruit

How much should you eat?

  • The golden rule is “always fill your bowl”; it is ±250g.
  • You may reduce your portion, but it may not be less than 80g per meal.
  • The average person eats 90-125g per meal.


What are you allowed to eat?

  • Allowed: Prunes, peaches, apples, apricots, pears
  • Forbidden: Any fruit not mentioned above (e.g. coconut, mango, banana, etc.)
Plain, Smoothie, Bars, Stewed with Rooibos tea





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  1. Ellen Reyneke

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      Hi Ellen, the recipe book is currently only available in Afrikaans. You can order it by clicking here.
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  2. Pierené Verster

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      You can order the recipe book on the website by clicking HERE.

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      Hi Wendy, yes it is. You can order the recipe book right here on the website by clicking HERE.

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    How much is the English receipe book please

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      Hi Jackie, please see our shop with all the latest products and prices.

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    Hi, Is there an Recipe Ebook available, as i’m based in New Zealand?

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